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As energy prices are in constant flux, investors and industry observers need timely and accurate energy data to track where prices and markets are headed and to understand the trends driving these shifts. With real-time energy data, news and intelligence, investors can more easily navigate the dynamic energy industry. As the global supply of oil gets tighter and alternative energy sources draw more attention, savvy investors turn to Dow Jones for comprehensive energy data produced by a top global team of reporters and editors.

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Dow Jones Energy Service – indispensable energy data, news and commentary.

Dow Jones Energy Service is a deep energy-specific data source providing news and commentary on a wide range of energy topics including conventional and alternative energy sources, policy center shifts and geopolitical events affecting the energy markets. Dow Jones Energy Service provides market news and insight from across the public and private financial markets, enabling you to make fast, smart decisions. With data from Dow Jones Energy Service you can:

  • Anticipate what the future may hold for energy developments, based on the perspectives and insights form experts with direct field experience.
  • Improve your understanding and ability to predict market developments and fluctuations based on superior energy data and analyses.
  • Get fresh insight on emerging energy innovations – from oil and gas to solar and wind, as well as other sources – and understand how marketing regulations and pricing are changing in response to these new innovations.

Dow Jones Energy Service can also be accessed online 24/7 in a NewsPlus Energy Service edition, featuring energy news and commentary organized under convenient categories with continuous updates throughout the day.

Top energy stories, the latest data on markets and more.

Dow Jones Energy Service provides a wealth of energy data and news, including:

  • Top stories on events that are moving energy markets and energy company stocks.
  • Analysis & commentary with contributions from writers and editors from Dow Jones Energy Service, The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.
  • Columns on wide variety of topics from climate change to renewable energy news to energy in the Asian markets, and more.
  • Weather data, including updates on hurricanes, summer heat, winter trends and more.
  • Key contents, including benchmark prices, cash and futures markets, and corporate developments.
  • Updates on energy policies.
  • The latest data on markets, including snapshots on oil, gas, stocks, bonds and currency.

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