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Real-time FX markets news informs smarter trading decisions.

For traders and trading companies working in foreign exchange markets (FX markets), real-time information is critical to monitoring FX markets and profiting from the flow of money. From FX markets news to incisive commentary, traders need quality insight from top analysts to ensure their trading strategies take advantage of what's driving currency trading, moment by moment. That's why traders and companies the world over rely on real-time FX markets reporting, commentary and analysis from Dow Jones.

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Dow Jones FX Trader helps traders make smarter FX markets trades.

Dow Jones FX Trader provides a first look at the data, trends and drivers in the FX markets and delivers real-time, exclusive FX news, expert analysis and in-depth policy commentary right to the tools traders use most. Produced by a dedicated global team of Dow Jones editors and reporters focused solely on FX market news, FX Trader provides round-the-clock information – from the open in Australia to market close in the Americas – in order to deliver breaking market news, commentary and analysis on what's affecting interest and exchange rates in FX markets. FX Trader delivers real-time flash headlines that cover economic indicators and Central Bank actions as well as the essential analysis needed to put it all in context. Leveraging the deep resources and FX expertise of the Dow Jones organization, Dow Jones FX Trader provides features such as:

  • FX data points ahead of the market – Covering key currency pairs and major trading centers, including New York, London and Hong Kong.
  • Market news – With rolling commentary and analysis in clear, easy-to-read briefs on what's affecting FX markets as well as equity and fixed-income markets.
  • Policy watch reports – Delivering analysis of policy and issues influencing policy at the Fed, ECB, BOJ and BOE.
  • Expert commentary and briefings before market openings – In a variety of FX columns offering a deeper look at issues affecting money markets and developments with major and secondary currencies.

FX Trader can be seamlessly integrated into the tools traders use every day, including Web portals, desktop terminals and mobile tools.

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Dow Jones offers a rich selection of business financial news and analysis products that can help FX trading professionals better understand and monitor foreign markets. For more information, visit dowjones.com.

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